The death of hatred/birth of life

  • Category: Opinion
  • Published: Wednesday, 05 June 2013 01:58
  • Written by Bill Lewis

Hate:  To dislike somebody or something intensely, often in a way that evokes feelings of anger, hostility, or animosity.

Of all the miracles we can witness in a lifetime, the birth of a child has to rank right there at the top.  Our first human touch, first taste of oxygen, seeing people for the first time, seeing the stranger whose heart beat has brought comfort, feelings of hunger, feelings of pain, cold and fear.  With as much intensity our senses are experiencing, you would have to think we could remember every moment and second of this.  Try as we might, those memories are not to come, not with out some nudge from hypnotherapy, which I feel is suspect in itself.

I would be safe in my opinion that every child born, isn’t born knowing hatred.  Hatred, whose pure definition is intensity by nature, for which there shoul be some remembrances of.   As infants, we don’t have the basis of hatred, it is taught to us by those for whom we are supposed to love and trust, and those they deem as a reliable source of knowing right from wrong, what is sacred and what is unholy.  From governments, to the clergy, from news articles to news casters, from parents to friends, our fragile minds are robbed of the ability to think and decide for ourselves.  The point is we didn’t experience an epiphany and start hating our fellow earth travelers.  We didn’t have a break through during therapy and remember Pat Robinson making monster sounds under our bed as a child.  Fox news sulking around the dark attic of your home and scaring you with their ghoulish march, Hitler rattling chains in the closet and Westboro Baptist waiting in the dark basement breathing heavily.  No, we are taught.

We are taught by those who are still in search of that euphoric feeling that never has come from hating.  That spiritual high, the sense of accomplishment, that heroic feeling of saving the day, never comes.  They were told the same lies and are left unfulfilled by their hatred, and anger rears it ugly head if they are surrounded by other people told the same lies and they have to mask their disappointment and their shame and guilt that echo’s from the back of their minds.  Searching for the rewards promised from  hatred is very much like unrequited love.  Regardless of the depth of our commitments and dutiful following, hatred will never love us.  It will always leave a dark seizing black hole in our soul, which if not fixed, will devour us, and leave us to be digested within the insane hell of purgatory.

We are told insanity is repeating the same actions that leads to failure, expecting different results.  Instead of continuing running head long into the brick wall, expecting the door four feet to the left to magically move four feet to the right, I suggest your make the move.  Make the move to tell those thought to be trusted, that they are wrong.  You will not be used as a surrogate for the need for fulfillment.  You will no longer make the lay away payments on a note of promised happiness that will never be satisfied.  You will not mold your life based upon other beliefs or misunderstandings.  You will stop being your own boogieman.

The new concept will be hard at first, but if you can carry hate for this long, you can carry this even further.  When you see a person you were taught to hate, hug them.  With your mind racing with vile words implanted in you years ago, say out loud that you love them.  If they are quirky and you feel yourself stumbling, love them that much more.  When you feel a need to say your God is right, try saying I respect you and your following of your higher spirit.  When their skin color seems to rob you of feeling superior, go get a tan in a show of solidarity.  When words are spoken you don’t understand, trying learning what they are saying before you label those words as hateful, and war provoking. It might be surprising to know that they are respecting you and your differences, and could be sharing and bestowing a blessing upon you and your family.  Be an example for others, when your friends kick someone to the ground, be the first to pull them up and dust them off.  When your child is born, stop the growth of the family tree of hate, let it’s roots wither up and die with you.

You can spend a lifetime hating others and be unfulfilled and die hating yourself, or give yourself a chance to open love’s door and find the rewards waiting within.