Post Script to Earlier Post, "Boy Scout Ruling"

  • Category: Opinion
  • Published: Friday, 31 May 2013 19:39
  • Written by Bill Lewis

There is also a side to my post I deliberately left out.  I wanted the ruling and the possible concept to set in and see if anything came across your mind, something obvious.

The conclusion is this, who is going to look out for the best interest of homosexual boys in the closet or out, while they are in shark infested waters? The new rules clearly say Once the child turns 18 years of age, he can no longer be a scout. Meaning if they haven’t turned the child, he will be gone and there will not be any adult homosexuals.

So who’s going to be there to stand up for these kids? Intervene when hatred pops it’s little head up, or a bully starts to push?   Part of the no adult rule is clear, they don’t want to give away the key to club house and their secretes gets exposed. but the other part of keeping them away from protecting the kids they are trying to change? Brain wash?

A lot of young kids need positive influences and role models to guide them, if that child is gay wouldn’t it make sense to have not only a straight role model, but one who is also gay.  Sort of showing how two people from different sides of the coin can work together for a better future for the children.

But this ruling takes that away, takes the protection, and the takes away the peace of feeling of not being alone.  I wonder if anyone has mention a way of regulating this injustice, so that maybe a child will have the chance and not end up a hash mark on a statistic sheet in some police department somewhere.

This ruling is nothing short of sending our kids off to the asylum and the lunatics still are running the place.