Advice: Pink In The Sheets

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  • Published: Tuesday, 14 May 2013 18:24
  • Written by Mz. Pink

Mz. Pink,

I have wanted to explore the world of strap-on sex, but I have been too afraid. I tried it once and the strap was uncomfortable, awkward and the whole experience was nerve-wracking and a little painful. I feel like this is my time to shine with a strap- on, being a young stud, but I just haven’t found what works. Should I use lube? Are there strapless strap-on s? Is bigger better with a dildo? I need to know the ins and outs (so as to speak), can you help?

Straps Needed

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Well you've come to the right place. I can help! First off, remember, as with any sex (and I mean any sex) safe sex is the best sex. That being said, no you don't have to put a condom on your strap-on, unless you want to, but cleanliness of all toys and straps plus routine, common-sense safety precautions are necessary.

There are infections and diseases that can be picked up from dirty toys if they are not cleaned properly. Also, you want to keep yourself and your partner safe during sex so it stays pleasurable, that's the whole point.

Straps, don't let your one bad time with a strap-on detour you from wanting to use toys or a strap-on again. The experience can be very sexy and satisfying if you find the right fit of strap-on. There are costs associated with sex toys, so be prepared to spend a little money on a decent toy. Sometimes cheaper is okay, but in this case, forking over a little extra cash for the right gear may be necessary.

Finding the right fit, you want to make sure the straps are adjustable and have a comfort fit. Sometimes you may have to wear boxers or panties so the strap doesn't chaff any of your areas.

The dildo should be sturdy and unbendable. If the dildo bends it can get a little tricky and not very pleasurable on both ends, but don't make it so hard that it's uncomfortable that way either. You want a good sturdy silicone.

Once you have it though, store it in a place where it will stay clean, safe and by itself. Do not store silicone with silicone it can eat away at each other during storage. In most cases, bigger is not better, you want to find a size that is comfortable for you and your partner. Vaginas can expand, but you don't want it to be painful, unless you do, then go for whatever size you want!

Explore your options; there are strapless strap-ons which I prefer. One in particular, the InJoyUs, which is a two part toy that has no straps and can be inserted into the vagina for, pleasure on both ends, the giver and receiver.

How this works is the soft 100% hypoallergenic, Medical grade Platinum Silicone outer that works in harmony with a deeply embedded Patented Contoured Stabilizer ® to safely and intimately connect with a Woman's most sensitive sexual areas: her Clitoris and G-spot.

This toy does not come out until you take it out and you are able to move freely with it in.

It seems intimidating at first, but is a strap-on experience that should be explored. The most cost effective and comfort-fit strapless strap-on I have found was created by New Love Creations, LLC ( This is a toy for lesbian and bisexual women, so they know the ins and outs of getting in and out!

As with any toy you do want to use a good lube. A water-based lube is what I use and it is the most stimulating. It also seems to work best with the silicone.

But as with any other decision you make, it has to be fitting for you and what you and your partner want. Lube is a safety measure and should be used while messing around with toys or without. Your lady parts are very sensitive and can tear easily inside and out, and lube helps prevent those types of accidents.

Stay safe and have fun! It's all about what feels good!

Mz. Pink