VIDEO: Suze Orman Finally Makes Sense

  • Category: Opinion
  • Published: Thursday, 12 January 2012 21:52
  • Written by Chris Jarvis

I don't really like Suze Orman. I don't think she ever offers any practical advice for those without the means to just "hang onto your savings". She really has no idea what people without loads of money go through in trying to make ends meet. That being said, this is the first logical thing she's said. And watch how Barbra Walters twists it afterwards, back to "social issues" rather than listening to Orman who explained that the social injustice results in a financial injustice. Those of us (same sex couples) who are legally married under state law understand how screwed we are under federal law. And those same sex couples who can't even get married in their own states? They're screwed all the way around...