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  • Published: Thursday, 16 May 2019 14:41
  • Written by C.J. Wilson

Baldassare Forestiere1920sI’ve lived in Fresno for most of my life. Despite that, I’d never visited the Forestiere Underground Gardens before LGBT Fresno invited me to join their tour.
The place is easy to miss; it sits on West Shaw, right by the 99. The sign for the Gardens blends into the rest of the billboards that dot Fresno. From the sidewalk outside, you can see a Lutheran Church, an auto shop, and an In-n-Out Burger. Stretch your neck a little and a Carl’s Jr. pops into view. The spot itself is surrounded by a chain-link fence, partially overgrown by trees and vines. It doesn’t seem like the place you’d find an official historical landmark or an agricultural engineering masterpiece that has persisted for about a century.

Once inside, the notion quickly fades.

An attendant asks me a few questions and offers me a green colored popsicle stick, explaining that it marks me for the 11:45 A.M. tour. I tell him that I’m here for an event and he apologizes, leading me to my group. We pass around introductions—the organization’s higher ups, Andrea and Jason, are two of the only people here, so far—and wait for our tour. It’s a comfortable wait; there’s a latticework canopy over the walkway, pale-green vines filling in the blank spaces between the wood. Our tour guide appears, pointing out that the vines aren’t fully grown, yet. Sure enough, a close look reveals little bushels of stems with tiny green nubs at the end, smaller than a grain of rice. Bees buzz around us, jumping from flower to flower. I’m not used to seeing this much green in Fresno’s city limits, especially after all the droughts.

I find myself taking pictures and listening in on conversations, quickly realizing that most of our group has never been here before, despite having lived in Fresno all their lives. Our group swells. People split off into their own cliques and, before long, the tour guide ushers us down the staircase to the lobby to pay for our tickets. We mull about there for a while. There’s a small, unobtrusive gift shop sitting catty-corner from a much bigger bulletin board packed with information about the gardens and their creator. There’s even a soil sample from his now-deserted hometown of Filari, in northeastern Sicily. There’s a gorgeous ballroom adjacent, but it looks like we aren’t supposed to go there, just yet.

A wrought-iron fence separates the lobby from the main tunnel network, its iron bars bent and twisted like vines, hung with white and violet lights in the shape of grapes. It’s there that our tour guide ushers us, and the group gathers for a picture. I manage to wheedle my way out of it, somehow. I’ve never been a big fan of photos.

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Join Us: Tour Forestiere Underground Gardens

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  • Published: Tuesday, 30 April 2019 12:46
  • Written by Jason Scott

Take an hour long guided walking tour through Baldassare Forestiere's creation.

  • See a hand-built network of underground rooms, courtyards and passageways reminiscent of the ancient catacombs.
  • Unique fruit producing trees, shrubs, and vines growing underground - some over 90 years old!
  • Ancient Roman architecture - arches, vaults and stone-built walls.
  • Underground micro-climates - temperature variations of 10 to 30 degrees!
  • Underground home of Sicilian visionary and self-taught artist/builder Baldassare Forestiere.

May 11th 11:00am You should arrive and pay entrance fee no later than 11:10 am. Tour will start promptly at 11:15am. Because the Gardens are generous enough to share this offer of a private tour event with us we will have a discount tour price for this time and day only. Babies 4 and under are always free, Kids $8 and Adults $16.
There is so much history and you can find that here.

Kids are welcomed. No pets allowed, unless certified.

29th Annual Fresno Rainbow Pride Parade & Festival

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  • Published: Sunday, 28 April 2019 14:10
  • Written by Jason Scott

2019 pride fresnoIt is with pride we invite you to one of the largest LGBTQ event in the Central Valley!

June 1st 2019 - Parade @ 10AM - Festival @ 11AM

Parade is FREE to attend @ 10AM. Olive Ave, beginning at Palm and ending at Moroa.
Festival, 11AM-3PM, $5 admission located on N. Fulton Ave.

This year's theme is "2GETHER". With a record breaking attendance last year, let's make 2019 Fresno Rainbow Pride Parade and Festival bigger than ever!

Vendor and Parade Entries still being accepted! All ads and payments must be submitted by May 17th. Booth applications and payments will not be accepted after May 17th, 2019.

Parade enteries will be accepted up to the start of the parade.

Presented by Community Link

Remembering Stonewall

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  • Published: Tuesday, 30 April 2019 10:29
  • Written by Jason Scott





Food and Drinks will be served
Parking Code: 629978

Please join us for a celebration and reflection of the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Inn riots with a screening of the acclaimed documentary Stonewall Uprising followed by a panel of distinguished activists and community leaders.

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Friends Of Pride Fundraiser

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  • Published: Sunday, 28 April 2019 11:44
  • Written by Jason Scott

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Friends of Pride come 2gether to bring you the last dinner and show fundraiser benefiting Fresno Pride 2019! Always a sold out event. All ages. Come for the food, stay for the entertainment.

Saturday, May 4, 2019 at 7 PM
Tacos Marquitos
1772 E Barstow Ave, Fresno

Tickets available at the door. Tickets are limited, please arrive early. Dinner begins at 7PM. Show 8:30PM. $15 Dinner and Show. $10 Show only.