Lessons Learned From a Bigot

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  • Published: Friday, 16 August 2013 16:18
  • Written by Scott

Screen-Shot-2013-08-12-at-8 35 48-PM-250x250Yesterday, my husband and I took a bus to the Washington Ethical Society, a local progressive church, to hear Holocaust survivor Estelle Laughlin give a talk about her childhood before, during, and after her internment in the Majdanek and Czestochowa concentration camps.

We boarded the bus a block from home and filed to the back, where two seats were available for us to sit side by side. I asked John if he wanted to sit by the window – he’s very curious and prefers the window seat – but he declined so I could enjoy the view. I draped my arm around his shoulders and gazed at the passing buildings; he leaned into me while he wrote an email on his phone; we passed many minutes in the gentle hum of the cool bus, sunlight streaming in, everything very much at peace.

Then a man boarded and walked towards a seat directly behind us. He visibly recoiled when he saw us, and as he passed we heard the chilling, unmistakable epithet: “faggot.”

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