Cute Glee-Inspired Lesbian Marriage Proposal

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  • Published: Monday, 29 April 2013 11:52
  • Written by Scott

glee-proposalHot on the heels of yesterday’s gay marriage proposal out of the UK, we have another cute one – Glee-inspired, complete with Warblers jackets. How He Asked reports:

“It was Easter Sunday and my mom had been in town, visiting, all week. One of my best friends insisted on taking me out for a belated birthday brunch so that she could see my mom. Jackie was off with her family for church (or so I thought). My friend pulled up to pick me up and she had written all over her car, “Honk for the birthday girl” and “Happy Birthday Ann!” We took off and had a fun brunch gabbing over mimosas. Once we paid, my friend said she had one more surprise and that I had to wear a blindfold. Laughing, I obliged. Turns out she forgot the blindfold so she put a blanket over my head instead. Not knowing where we were going I tried to pester my friend and mother to give up the goods. They were tight lipped all the way. Once we arrived to the destination, my friend and mom helped me shuffle my way along until I was told to remove the blanket. I still remember the moment it took for my eyes to adjust to the sunlight and how everything was silent. After I focused on where I was I saw Jackie standing before me in a Dalton Warbler uniform (inspired by a scene in the TV show, “Glee”). Also, I saw 6 girls dressed in a similar fashion. Before I knew it Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” as performed by Darren Criss was being playing on loud speakers and Jackie and these “Warblers” began dancing in unison! I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry!”