Newbie blogger, Billy's Introduction

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  • Published: Thursday, 29 December 2016 20:49
  • Written by Bill Lewis

BillySalutations readers, I am Billy (Billie) Lewis
Artist / Writer / Photographer / Actress / Multifaceted in other areas that do not define me.
I am a 43 years young, male to female transgender in her early stages and growth towards my true self.  I am Lady Katherine’s ball and chain, for whom I have spent the better part of ten years together, six of which being legally padlocked. She is my anomaly, being the only woman, that feelings were genuine. She has proven to be the best friend a mentally messed up man and future Goddess can ever pray for. Claiming to stand by my side, with no foreseeable plans to leave, claiming not to have the strength or desire to housebreak a new partner.

I am an abuse survivor.  I have spent my time in the hell trenches of families, friends, bullies and self. Over three have past since I had enough of carrying the baggage from the past and lying and hurting the people I cared for the most, including myself. Honesty has greatly improved my life, allowing my vocal support for our community to leave the nose bleed section and place myself at the 50 yard line. And has allowed for me to find definition of my true self.

Also I am an avid reader, and consumer of many forms of musical entertainment. The eclectic taste of music carries over to my cinematic tastes. Recently I have lost faith in television and it’s programming, so I have uprooted the potato on the couch and replanted it into the pot of life.  Clicking off the television has helped me with finding the heart of information as it comes in.  I can go online and read about the happening and surf around for the same news but from another source and compile the facts with out too much between the lines issues.

I do have my faults, so of which has to do with being dyslexic and attending schools when I a child that considered me retarded.  So most of what I know I have had to teach myself, so if typos are caught in my writing, please be kind.  My other fault is that my analytical mind doesn’t allow for B.S. and has lead me to be to quick with my temper.  I no longer seek out physical fight, my wars are on the verbal battle grounds.  But as I have grown in my honesty, so has my maturity and the work I do.  I am learning that a lot of my anger has slipped on by and that words can be as strong as a rock, with out using a fist or words that would make a sailor blush in shame.  So if you, the readers are for my insight, I am ready to share.  Thank you.