New Time-Lapse Map Chronicles the Marriage Equality Fight

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  • Published: Saturday, 20 April 2013 12:44
  • Written by Scott

usa-marriage-equality-map-250x196There’s a cool new animated map of the USA showing the fight for marriage equality in the USA from 1970 to the present. The Atlantic Wire reports:

But what our map GIF shows is that this wave of support for gay rights follows two large anti-gay rights wave, first under President Bill Clinton and then under President George W. Bush. Dark gray above shows when states banned gay marriage statutorily. Black shows when states extra-banned it by constitutional amendment. Light red shows when a state adopted domestic partnerships or civil unions. Red shows states with gay marriage. The most recent entry on the map is Delaware, where legislation allowing gay marriage was introduced in the General Assembly on Thursday With Gov. Jack Markell, a Democrat, supporting the bill and Democrats in control of the state legislature, the only thing keeping the First State from being the 10th state to have marriage equality will be if Illinois, Rhode Island, or Minnesota get there first.

Check out the link above for the map – it runs kinda fast, but it’s really cool.