'Straight Pride' rally draws less than 20

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  • Published: Monday, 26 August 2019 13:02
  • Written by Jason Scott

straight prideSaturday's rally in Modesto, attracted ten times as many counter-demonstrators as attendees.

Don Grundmann, director of the National Straight Pride Coalition, had originally asked to hold the event in the Mancini Bowl in Graceada Park. On its website, the coalition states that its mission is to prevent civilization "from being destroyed by the inherent malevolence of the Homosexual Movement."

Grundmann's request was ultimately rejected by the city council, despite Mylinda Mason being a co-organizer for the rally. (Mason's son, Matthew, who is openly gay, spoke against the rally at a meeting earlier this month.) The council cited "security concerns" and insufficient insurance for the event as its reason for denying the permit.

Early Saturday morning, a call went out notifying attendees the rally had been moved to Durrer Barn, a private venue. The Bee estimates a few dozen people came to the barn, with more than 200 counter-protesters gathering nearby at Enslen Park.

Insisting they were not notified the event was promoting straight pride, the Durrer family promptly shut it down, according to the Los Angeles Blade. Grundmann, however, claimed it was broken up by the Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department "for fear of protests and violence."

Shortly after 12:30pm, he relocated the event again—this time to the parking lot outside Planned Parenthood offices on McHenry Avenue, which were closed at the time.

"Masculinity, femininity, the natural family of man, woman children, babies, born and unborn western civilization, Caucasians and all people—all of those are basic foundations that are under attack," Grundmann stated.

Grundmann had predicted some 500 attendees, but reports put the number closer to 20. Counter-protesters arrived several minutes later, chanting "No Hate, No Fear, Straight Pride is not welcome here!"

A national "Straight Pride" rally is set for August 31st in Boston.

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Fresno Spectrum Center Opens

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  • Published: Monday, 26 August 2019 10:33
  • Written by Jason Scott

Fresno Spectrum Center Logo

The LGBT Resource and Community Center held a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Saturday, August 3, 2019. The Fresno Spectrum Center is currently open Tuesdays through Fridays 1pm-6pm, with the hope of expanding the days/hours. Seeking volunteers for office help.

"We're going to be doing some partnering organizations to other community organizations that are non-profit that provides services either victim services, domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking, immigration, sometimes maybe it's family services," said Leon Velasco-Stoll. "We're actually trying to get those partnerships here at the center."


Apart from the services, the center will provide, they also offer their building as a community space to gather for support groups.

Kampout Is Coming

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  • Published: Thursday, 11 July 2019 14:04
  • Written by Janet

kampout2019After an impressive winter, it has finally warmed up.  Summer is here, and we all know what that means...YES... Kampout is coming!  It's just a month away, and if you are like me, you can't wait to get up the hill, sit by the creek and enjoy the beautiful weather.

The Kampout Committee has been busy since last year’s Kampout, working on bringing you another fantastic weekend, and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

This year’s theme is Kampout Goes to the Circus.  Yes, there will be bearded “ladies” and strong “men”.  The carnival, the midway...we just ask that no clowns due to legitimate fears that some have.  As always, we will be having a contest for decorating your site, and we can’t wait to see what you clever kampers come up with.  Compete by yourself...or with a group...have a lot of fun and win some great prizes

Kampout will once again be held at our alternative site, which is just across the road on the left of Texas Flat Campground.  Texas Flat is closed for the 2019 season, but we are fortunate to have a beautiful site for Kampout.

Kampout is, as always, the weekend after Labor Day...this year Sept. 6-8.  The cost of the weekend is $40 per kamper.  This covers your kampsite, 2 beer busts, the Progressive Koctail Party, Saturday dinner, 2 breakfasts, and much, much more.

You can relax, or join in all the fun and games that are planned throughout the weekend...and win prizes!!  We have the Needle in the Haystack contest, the Yacht Regatta, and the always popular Kamptown Races.  Don’t forget the fabulous Kampstravaganza Show on Saturday night.  We encourage everyone to participate in this fun show...and compete for Kampout King and Kampout Kween.

Camping in the Sierras can cost over $20 a night, just for a campsite.  Kampout costs just $40 for the whole is definitely the best bargain for your entertainment buck.

We want to advise you, that because we are on private property, there is no garbage service.  Be prepared to “pack it in, pack it out”.  Private campfires will be allowed only if they are in an above ground (backyard type) pit.  You must also have a fire extinguisher, water bucket and shovel.  All dogs must be on a leash at all times.  This is for everyone’s safety.

So, mark your calendars.  We hope to see you all at Kampout!

For more information, see our website which has all the information you could want...or check out our Facebook page.

City of Modesto approves "Straight Pride Parade"

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  • Published: Tuesday, 23 July 2019 14:22
  • Written by Jason Scott

straight pride californiaModesto approved a public event application and parade route for a Straight Pride Parade, whose organizers plan to protest what they view as "(Americans being) destroyed by the inherent malevolency/evil of the Homosexual/Sodomy Movement".

It is scheduled for Aug. 24th from 12pm to 4pm, ending at Graceada Park.

The flyer with a pink border states, “Join us to celebrate heterosexuality, masculinity, femininity, babies – born and unborn – western civilization, our wonderful country, Christianity — Celebrate Life!”

The man behind the effort is Modesto Chiropractor, Don Grundmann of the National Straight Pride Coalition. He has also run, unsuccessfully, for senate.

The event was raising funds via Go Fund Me, when we reached out for comment, the campaign was pulled and the following statmenet was issued:

"The campaign was removed as it violated our terms of service.

Rachel Hollis"

When reached for comment, the parks department at the City of Modesto would only comment "The event has been issued valid permits". We've reached out for further comments from the city and parks department leadership, no reply was received at time of publication. Article will be updated if a reply is received.

What can you do?!

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Going "Over the Edge" for the Source on November 9

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  • Published: Thursday, 11 July 2019 13:57
  • Written by Chuck Pearson
oteJumping off a 9-story building in a single bound???  Well, not exactly . . .  but something like that!  For the second year in a row now, the Source LGBTQ+ Center in Visalia is hosting "Over the Edge," a volunteer-focused fundraiser for the support of LGBT programs and resources in Tulare/Kings Counties.  Volunteers raise funds from contributors and if they can get at least $1000, they rappel off the top of the Marriott Hotel in Visalia (the city's tallest building) on November 9.  This year, I've decided to take the plunge, and along with my friend and fellow straight ally Velva Hampson, am going "over the edge" in support of the Source and all the great work it does for the LGBT community in Visalia and surrounding area.  
Included is a link to our biographies and profile link, as well as a way to make a donation.  Our team name is "Mainstage Allies," chosen largely in part due to our love for and involvement in local community theater and the arts and of course our support of the LGBT community as straight allies.  Please consider making a contribution.  If you're interested in registering yourself and going "over the edge" or would like to donate to other individuals, there's a place on the website for that as well.
Thanks, and hope to see you at the Marriott in Visalia on November 9th!