Weekly Round Up for Friday April 29th

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  • Published: Friday, 29 April 2011 09:20
  • Written by Kaylia M. Metcalfe

Happy Friday!


According to Rebecca Black today is all about fun, fun, fun, fun, but before you rush off to celebrate the royal wedding/ or get dolled up for Saturday's ICD's "An Evening Under the Stars" event, here are a a few highlights from this week’s news. You know, in case they somehow missed your Facebook feed.

Because of concerns that a same-sex marriage bill wouldn’t get past the State Senate, it was announced today that Rhode Island will instead be introducing a bill next week championing marriage-like rights for gay couples through civil unions. More Here

In Pennsylvania, State Representative. Dan Frankel (D) is introducing legislation to prevent discrimination based on gender identity or sexual orientation.


Lady Gaga will donate $1 million to the Robin Hood Foundation which in turn will distribute those funds among five New York City-based groups that aid homeless LGBT youths.


In San Francisco, a June 13 hearing has been scheduled on whether the ruling by Judge Walker  that struck down California's gay marriage ban should be thrown out because the judge is in a same-sex relationship.


In Japan, the first openly gay man was elected to public office.


Dallas voted to add transgender protection to the county’s employment nondiscrimination policy. In Nevada, however,  news was split; Two bills passed that would prohibit discrimination against gays and transgender individuals in housing and public accommodations, but rejected a third bill that would have added gender identity and expression to Nevada’s hate crimes law.


And lastly, not related to anything but still worth a chuckle, a man in Virginia stole milk from a Wal-Mart  while dressed as a cow. Apparently, since he was the cow, he figured that he should get the milk for free.  He was caught by police who recognized him due to the costume not covering his face.


That’s all folks, don’t forget to have fun, fun, fun, today! Have a great, and safe, weekend!