DADT: Blah Blah Blah...

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  • Published: Wednesday, 24 February 2010 08:08
  • Written by Chris Jarvis

ImageIt just doesn't matter anymore. Truth and study and fact finding, it's all out the door. Another military officer stood before Congress today and moaned about "possible" ramifications of repealing Don't Ask Don't Tell. Gen. James Conway, the Marine Corps commandant, considered to be the most resistant among service chiefs, whined about unit cohesion and chaos.

Of course he can't tell you what will happen. "No one knows" seems to be the mantra uttered over and over again to Congress, who are wimpy about the repeal in the first place. This, despite numerous studies that have been conducted over the years which all indicate a transition away from Don't Ask Don't Tell would very likely be simple and effective.

After being pressed about possibly at least putting a freeze on DADT until a US study can be completed, Conway said "Half measures, I think, would only be confusing in the end."

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