Youth Move Away From Democratic Party

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  • Published: Wednesday, 24 February 2010 07:55
  • Written by Chris Jarvis

ImageWhat does it take to make an impression on Washington politicians, particularly Democrats? As we've seen, after all the celebration over the election of Barack Obama, we've witnessed disappointment after disappointment. The troops weren't called home, as he promised, DADT has not been repealed, as he promised, equal rights for LGBT Americans is not in place, as he's promised and the economy bump still seems to positive only for banks and CEOs. It's clear that corporations and politicians are dedicated to laying down in bed together and drowning out the taps on the windows from the general public with a nice soothing wave machine.

Now, young people have taken notice. According to a study by the Pew Research Center, to be released today, support for Democrats among younger Americans (18-29), the ones who turned out in record numbers to elect Barack Obama, has dropped from a record 62% last year to 54% in just a few months time. Add to that the fact that these voters generally don't identify as "regular voters", that more are looking to support conservative or alternative parties and the Democrats seem to have blown another advantage, something they've become professional at doing.

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