VIDEO: Betty Bowers: Cooking With Christ

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  • Published: Thursday, 25 February 2010 09:31
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VIDEO: Not Another Idiotic "Beauty Queen"!

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Here we go again. Another beauty pageant contestant who spews homophobic rhetoric...been there, done that...but here we go again...

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VIDEO: RuPaul's Drag Race - Season 2 Episode 4

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  • Published: Wednesday, 24 February 2010 11:13
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EQCA Court Document Outlines 2008 Strategy

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  • Published: Wednesday, 24 February 2010 09:02
  • Written by Chris Jarvis


Court documents, released this week, detail Equality California's participation in the campaign to block CA Prop 8 from succeeding with voters in 2008. The document is the declaration of Geoff Kors, Executive Director of EQCA.

Not surprisingly, the document paints a fairly scattered approach to the Prop 8 effort, with an umbrella group, Equality For All, watching over a wide variety of groups and individuals. Originally about 35 local, state and national groups were involved, which stretched eventually to over 100 . Reading through it, a sense of cohesiveness is difficult to find.

It's also easy to see why so much money was being raised but frustrating as well. The amount of paid consultants is staggering. There were messaging consultants, campaign consultants, strategy consultants, media consultants and on and on and on. It seems this problem is built into the LGBT activist movement to this day, with gay activist groups consistently gathering to "brainstorm", while "action" takes a back seat. I realize certain consultants are necessary to a campaign, but I mean really, do we know so little about this whole thing that all we can do now is brainstorm and pay consultants?

Glaringly missing, although perhaps not pertinent to this particular document, is money spent on actual television advertising and opposition engagement. We all know at this point how little was done in that area to combat the forces of Prop 8, but reading through this court document, it's easy to see why we were constantly told TV ads couldn't run unless we coughed up more money...they had a few rooms full of consultants that had to be paid. Maybe it's time we stop "consulting" and "brainstorming" so much and do what the other side is good at...just DOING SOMETHING.

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DADT: Blah Blah Blah...

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  • Published: Wednesday, 24 February 2010 08:08
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ImageIt just doesn't matter anymore. Truth and study and fact finding, it's all out the door. Another military officer stood before Congress today and moaned about "possible" ramifications of repealing Don't Ask Don't Tell. Gen. James Conway, the Marine Corps commandant, considered to be the most resistant among service chiefs, whined about unit cohesion and chaos.

Of course he can't tell you what will happen. "No one knows" seems to be the mantra uttered over and over again to Congress, who are wimpy about the repeal in the first place. This, despite numerous studies that have been conducted over the years which all indicate a transition away from Don't Ask Don't Tell would very likely be simple and effective.

After being pressed about possibly at least putting a freeze on DADT until a US study can be completed, Conway said "Half measures, I think, would only be confusing in the end."

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Youth Move Away From Democratic Party

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  • Published: Wednesday, 24 February 2010 07:55
  • Written by Chris Jarvis

ImageWhat does it take to make an impression on Washington politicians, particularly Democrats? As we've seen, after all the celebration over the election of Barack Obama, we've witnessed disappointment after disappointment. The troops weren't called home, as he promised, DADT has not been repealed, as he promised, equal rights for LGBT Americans is not in place, as he's promised and the economy bump still seems to positive only for banks and CEOs. It's clear that corporations and politicians are dedicated to laying down in bed together and drowning out the taps on the windows from the general public with a nice soothing wave machine.

Now, young people have taken notice. According to a study by the Pew Research Center, to be released today, support for Democrats among younger Americans (18-29), the ones who turned out in record numbers to elect Barack Obama, has dropped from a record 62% last year to 54% in just a few months time. Add to that the fact that these voters generally don't identify as "regular voters", that more are looking to support conservative or alternative parties and the Democrats seem to have blown another advantage, something they've become professional at doing.

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NCAA Pulls Focus Ad

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  • Published: Wednesday, 24 February 2010 07:41
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ImageFocus on the Family lost another one this week, when the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) removed a banner ad from their website. Although the ad was fairly benign, with a father holding his son and saying  "All I want for my son is for him to grow up knowing how to do the right thing.", the NCAA says the ad was pulled not for its content but for it's sponsor.

Focus On The Family is an organization which is in direct conflict with NCAA's policy of inclusion regardless of sexual orientation.

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Clay Aiken Speaks For Gay Rights

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  • Published: Wednesday, 24 February 2010 07:10
  • Written by AP

ImageRALEIGH, N.C. (AP) -- More than a year after disclosing he is gay, Clay Aiken is speaking before a gay-rights event in his hometown.

Aiken will deliver a speech about gay rights this weekend at the Human Rights Campaign Carolinas gala in Raleigh, The News & Observer of Raleigh reported Wednesday. Actress Meredith Baxter, who recently said she is a lesbian, also will deliver a speech.

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  • Published: Tuesday, 23 February 2010 13:20
  • Written by Chris Jarvis


It's difficult for the truth to be victorious these days. The truth can present itself, stand tall and proud and provide stacks of evidentiary support, but as far as turning the tide in order to bring about evolution in government, truth doesn't appear to be a deciding factor.

Aside from same sex marriage and gay rights in general, one of the hottest topics, as it's currently being debated in Congress, is the possible repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell.

Don't Ask Don't Tell restricts the military from efforts to discover or reveal gay and lesbian service members, but at the same time, provides for the expulsion of soldiers who are openly gay or lesbian. The reason given is that openly serving gays and lesbians results in "an unacceptable risk to the high standards of morale, good order and discipline, and unit cohesion that are the essence of military capability". The bill was introduced in 1993, as a compromise to then President Bill Clinton's plan to allow gay and lesbians to serve openly within the armed forces.

Opinions are easily accessed on this vital LGBT civil rights issue. Everyone is speaking out about it. We also have many foreign countries who allow gays and lesbians to serve openly from which we can draw conclusions. Or shall I say, we SHOULD be able to draw conclusions. Just as we've learned in the battle for marriage equality, the United States has a way of refusing comparison to other nations, as well as a knack for re-crafting the truth of those countries in order to provide the "Armageddon"  syndrome much of the populace of the US has come to feed on.

Prop 8 Repeal Signature Campaign Struggling

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  • Published: Monday, 22 February 2010 09:42
  • Written by Chris Jarvis

ImageImageAccording to John Henning, executive director of Love Honor Cherish, the signature gathering efforts underway to get a measure on the ballot in 2010 to repeal California's Prop 8 is struggling to meet their goals. Signature gathering began in mid November of last year. In order to qualify for a ballot measure, signatures must be turned in by April 12th, only about 7 weeks away. About 694,000 valid signatures are required, which means signature gatherers need to get about 1,000,000 signatures total, to account for those which would be invalidated for any number of reasons.

It's impossible, it seems, to get anyone to make a statement about how many signatures have been gathered to date. Henning, as well, will not volunteer any information on that subject. When I spoke to a pair of signature gathering representatives in Fresno recently, they stated the same, that they have no idea where the effort stands. Henning has also said that in the final days they may have to resort to paid signature gatherers, while up to now the efforts have been all volunteer.

The Bay Area Reporter has much more on this story HERE


Time To Stop Mandating Cure For Homosexuality?

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  • Published: Monday, 22 February 2010 08:47
  • Written by Chris Jarvis

ImageAmong new legislation introduced this week in California is Assembly Bill 2199. Apparently, for the last 43 years there has been a section of the California Welfare and Institutions Code which requires the Dept Of Mental Health to "plan, conduct and cause to be conducted scientific research into the causes and cures of sexual deviation, including deviations conducive to sex crimes against children, and the causes and cures of homosexuality, and into methods of identifying potential sex offenders".

Long Beach democrat and assemblywoman Bonnie Lowenthal has introduced the bill to strike the language from the code. Makes you wonder what other outdated language is laying around in the law books in California...

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Lawmakers to press military on fate of gay ban

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  • Published: Sunday, 21 February 2010 12:27
  • Written by AP

ImageWASHINGTON (AP) -- Lawmakers this week will press the military's top uniformed officers for the first time on whether they think repealing "don't ask, don't tell" makes sense or would be too disruptive.

The testimony from each of the service chiefs on Capitol Hill will be crucial to the debate in Congress on whether to repeal the 17-year-old law, which bans gays from serving openly in the military.

President Barack Obama says the policy unfairly punishes patriots who want to serve their country. Defense Secretary Robert Gates agrees and has begun a yearlong study on how to mitigate the impact of lifting the ban.

Providing much-needed political cover is the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Adm. Mike Mullen, who has said he thinks the law unfairly forces gay troops to compromise their integrity by lying about who they are.

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Civil Rights Only If You're "Natural"

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  • Published: Saturday, 20 February 2010 09:10
  • Written by Chris Jarvis

Ryan Sorba is a member of the California Young Americans For Freedom, a group formed in the 1960's, upholding the US Constitution as the foundation of the nation, only to now have mutated into a group of young conservatives who strive to deny chosen minority groups their access to equal rights. You know, the kind of logic enshrined in the US Constitution.

Sorba spoke at CPAClast week, condemned the Convention's inviting of Go Pride (an LGBT group) to the event. According to Sorba, civil rights are not based on anything like a Constitution, or the laws of a nation, but rather to "natural rights". He further defines the rights as Civil, Natural, Human. In other words, LGBT Americans don't deserve equal civil rights because we aren't "natural" in Sorba's mind. Forget the fact that all professionals in science, medicine and psychology announced long ago that LGBT people are just as natural as anyone else. Another instance of conservatives re-defining words to rile the base. Check out how the crowd reacts in the video below...

School Issued Laptop Webcams Spying On Kids At Home

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  • Published: Friday, 19 February 2010 06:26
  • Written by Chris Jarvis

As laptops become more common in schools, the technology available to those computers may pose threats you'd never think of. What about the faculty of a school which issues laptops to their students then using the technology available to watch the students at home, without their knowledge. Just how far are we going in this country in our attempt to watch everyone, even illegally, just so we can catch someone doing something wrong. Believe it or not, this very situation has created a class action lawsuit in Pennsylvania...


Pennsylvania: A Lower Merion family has set off a furor among students, parents, and civil liberties groups by alleging that Harriton High School officials used a webcam on a school-issued laptop to spy on their 15-year-old son at home.

In a lawsuit filed Tuesday in federal court, the family said the school's assistant principal had confronted their son, told him he had "engaged in improper behavior in [his] home, and cited as evidence a photograph from the webcam embedded in [his] personal laptop issued by the school district."

The suit contends the Lower Merion School District, one of the most prosperous and highest-achieving in the state, had the ability to turn on students' webcams and illegally invade their privacy.

While declining to comment on the specifics of the suit, spokesman Douglas Young said the district was investigating. "We're taking it very seriously," he said last night.

Court Filing: Robbins v. Lower Merion School District (PDF)

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Massachusetts Goes After DOMA

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  • Published: Friday, 19 February 2010 06:10
  • Written by Chris Jarvis


BOSTON (AP) -- Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley says a federal law that defines marriage as a union between a man and a woman interferes with her state's right to regulate the institution.

Coakley's office filed a lawsuit in July challenging the federal Defense of Marriage Act. In papers filed late Thursday, Coakley asks a judge to deem the law unconstitutional without holding a trial on the lawsuit.

Coakley argues that regulating marital status has traditionally been left to the states. She also says the federal law treats married heterosexual couples and married same-sex couples differently on Medicaid benefits and burial in veterans' cemeteries.

Massachusetts was the first state to legalize gay marriage and is the first to challenge the law.

Source - AP

Valor on Valentine's day

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  • Published: Friday, 19 February 2010 05:39
  • Written by Nigel Medhurst

That intense heavy silence like at a wedding when the vows are being read was evident on Valentine's day at the County Court's office. The onlookers leaned in and attuned themselves to the tone and emotional truth as each person declared their love for the other. County officials and policemen bowed their heads respectfully. Some onlookers wiped away tears. The journey of this couples relationships had obviously begun. Their love was real but no marriage licenses was issued by the county clerk, Victor Salazar. Mr. Salazar explained, “Due to the passage of Prop 8, I am not allowed to issue you a marriage license.”

            One couple approached the counter and introduced their betrothed and declared their love before being turned away without a marriage license.

            “What if I marry this woman," Jason Garrigus said, seemingly grabbing a woman from the crowd. “Would you issue a wedding license to us to be married?”


            “Yes, we would,” Mr. Salazar said.

            “Well, I don't love her. I love this man and I want to be married to this man,” Garrigus said.

            Mr. Salazar later said, “When I took this office I took an oath. I  am duty-bound to uphold the constitution...Even if I were to marry someone, it would not be valid.”


            The couples went up one after another like soldiers charging a fortress but in war, you can see the enemy, here it is not visible. It was the law, a concept floating around that has stonewalled the LGBT community from joining in legal matrimony. This proposition keeps one group in and one group out.

            Outside, lesbian, gay, transgender and supporters of same-sex marriage stood hugging and crying and laughing and  regaining their energy and emotion as they supported each other and regrouped in their efforts.

            Garrigus and his fiancée, David Zandt stood surrounded by television cameras and reporters. “It's important that we do this!” Garrigus proclaimed. “Marriage is a symbol to everyone of what we already feel together.”


            Kate Baldridge saw the big picture as she stood beside her legally recognized domestic partner, Elizabeth Chase.  “It hurts,” Baldridge said. “It's obviously painful. It doesn't feel good to walk up and be turned away. It is another thing that has to be done.” The County of Fresno and the state of California have to know that the LGBT community will not fade away or accept a second-class status. Baldridge and Chase had to pay an extra $23.00 for a domestic partner license in comparison to straight couples who file for domestic partnership. This fee funds research on LGBT domestic violence abuse. They begrudgingly paid but they are not satisfied. Domestic partners are not privileged with some 1200 federal rights that married couples are. Baldridge and Chase will play the system to beat the system. They'll be going to Iowa this summer to marry. They know the state of California will honor their marriage. “We want the legitimacy and the recognition to say 'this is my spouse or wife,' ”Baldridge said.

            This 'legitimacy' is not a self-indulgent desire to be loved and accepted by all. This legitimacy is about the law. With this legitimacy comes all the privilege of ownership, inheritance and protection under the law. With this legitimacy, a gay, lesbian or transgender couple can marry and build an estate that their spouse is legally bound to.

            Jason Scott from Marriage Equality USA explained the “The word 'marriage' has legitmacy and 'partnership' doesn't. Partnership means many different things. At a company level, employers from out-of-state companies have the option to offer benefits to partners. They have to give those benefits to spouses.”

            The LGBT's and all the supporters of same-sex marriage in Fresno and in California are not going away. They are only reloading, aligning and preparing because they will return to the ballot box and this time they plan to tear down that wall.


Jordan Garcia - Central Valley Issues

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  • Published: Friday, 19 February 2010 05:17
  • Written by Jordan Garcia

Hello and welcome to my article on current events taking place in our valley. First allow me to introduce myself. I am Jordan Garcia. So I will now get right to the point and cover the issues that we as citizens face and could have an impact on us. 

I assume you have all have heard some talk of a water crisis. Well it is true. California is in a bind with its level of clean water. It is in the Sacramento - San Joaquin river delta where water is pumped from the rivers and then goes through a treatment process. You can find more info here at

On August 31st 2007 California federal judge Oliver Wanger put a tight hold on the water uses of the delta to protect an endangered fish called the delta smelt. This fish is important because it is low in the food chain and serves as the food source for many other fish and also some birds of prey. So its extinction would have obvious consequences on the wildlife in that area.  Also another huge problem arose. The limited water has had a disastrous effect on our agriculture, which California relies heavily on for jobs and money as well as its reputation as the best supplier of produce in the entire world. Many farmers have had no choice but to give up their profession and dig up what they have tried to grow and make a living off of. More recently, on February 6 of this year the water pumping limits have been temporarily lifted in hopes to meet both environmentalist and struggling farmers half way. Many people still doubt that this temporary lift on the strict water regulations will solve much. The question still remains on the survival of the delta smelt and more importantly the survival of our agricultural system that without would have a horrifying impact on the state of California as many jobs and money would be lost. In this time a loss of jobs is the last thing we need.

In more bizarre and unfortunate news in Los Banos California. A 53 year old man and his dog went hunting for ducks by highway 152. The man set his shotgun down and his black Labrador retriever mix stepped on the gun and shot its master in the back! Luckily doctors were able to treat the wounds and release the man within a few hours. I suppose this ordeal raises the question is a dog truly man's best friend? Perhaps the man went cheap on his dog food or maybe made him sleep outside in the cold? Was it a crime of revenge for mistreatment?  Was it a crime of passion? Of course not. It is obviously a freak accident and a very easy one to make jokes about in bad taste. I'm sure the man and his dog will have many more hunting trips together, and I am certain they will go much more smoothly.

In other news, on valentine's day many same sex couples showed up to the Fresno county office to be married only to be turned down due to Prop 8. A proposition that was pushed by the religious and the right wing and barely passed in November of 2008 . They watched many opposite sex couples tie the knot and become legally married, yet they could not. Some may come to the conclusion that clerk Victor Salazar seems to promote and encourage this biased proposition, but whether he is biased or not we do not know. He is only enforcing a change to our constitution that is very clear that only opposite sex couples can have the basic human right to legally marry the one they love. After all homosexuals can vote, can fight in the military and die and kill for their nation, but only if they keep their sexual orientation a secret. All for a country that does not allow them the same rights as a heterosexual person. Maybe they should settle and be satisfied with having less rights than their heterosexual neighbors? Well I am very certain that we all find that kind of thinking to be foolish and unfair. This nation was founded on the principle that all men are created equally and should share the same rights and no one should be denied those rights! The fact that a proposition such as prop 8 could even make it into our states constitution is sickening and goes against the very principle that all have equal rights!  I was proud to hear of the fact that homosexual couples went and demanded the right to marry, because by all logical means they have every right to marry! The day will come when elections will roll around again. That will be the time where we all as people can correct the mistake that is prop 8 and allow homosexual couples to marry as they should have that right in the first place.

Well that concludes this news column on recent valley events. I hope you all benefit from it and I look forward to bringing you the next column. Good day and stay safe.

VIDEO: Latest Episode of RuPaul's Drag Race

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Holy Revelation!

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  • Published: Monday, 15 February 2010 19:21
  • Written by Chris Jarvis

In my ongoing effort to reveal faith for what it is, which is "a belief in something for which there is no proof", I post the latest issue of THIS WEEK IN HOLY CRIMES from JoeMyGod...

ImageOver the last seven days...

Pennsylvania: Father James Shimsky busted in cocaine buy.
Michigan: Pastor Russel Schaller charged with six counts of child molestation.
Pennsylvania: Pastor Phil Marmon sentenced to prison for propositioning a child over the internet.
Illinois: Pastor Mark List charged with aggravated criminal sexual abuse of a child.
Vancouver: Youth Pastor Brad Firth still on Anglican payroll after child molestation conviction.
Virginia: Pastor Jack Duffer convicted of nine felony counts of child molestation.
New Hampshire: Pastor Robert Farah accused of aiding son in $2M housing scam.
Indiana: Father Francis Markey will be extradited to Ireland where he is charged with the 1968 rape of a boy.
Illinois: Father Alejandro Flores charged with seven felony counts of child molestation.
Ireland: Irish Catholics call for the resignation of Cardinal Bernard Law over massive nationwide child molestation scandal. Law, an American, selects Ireland's bishops.
Ohio: Father Robert Polandl charged with three felony counts of child molestation.

This Week's Winner-
California: Pastor Wiley Drake has claimed credit for the death of Rep. John Murtha, who died of gallbladder surgery complications last week. According to Drake, it was his 30-day run of imprecatory prayers for the death of Murtha that did the Congressman in. Last year Pastor Drake gained national attention during his prayer campaign for the death of President Obama. Drake is also campaigning to be named president of the Southern Baptists Convention.

As reported by  JoeMyGod

Joe consistently chronicles the hypocrisy of religion in his column This Week In Holy Crimes. Please check out his Website


VIDEO: Same Sex Couples Request Marriage Certificates

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  • Published: Monday, 15 February 2010 12:19
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VIDEO RE-ENACTMENT - Day 2 Of Prop 8 Trial

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  • Published: Monday, 15 February 2010 10:37
  • Written by Chris Jarvis

Day 2 Chapter 2 of the Proposition 8 Trial Re-enactment presented by Produced by John Ainsworth & John Ireland.  

VIDEO: Freedom To Marry Day 2010

Fresno Co. clerk marries some, but not all

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  • Published: Sunday, 14 February 2010 12:30
  • Written by By Eddie Jimenez / The Fresno Bee

Dozens of couples smitten with Valentine's Day fever made good use of a rare Sunday opening at the Fresno County Clerk’s Office to tie the knot. But a handful same-sex couples, seeking to make a statement for their cause, were turned away at the counter.

The same-sex couples said they knew their requests for marriage licenses would be denied but said they wanted to make their voices heard on Valentine’s Day.

"We are committed as long as it takes until we can marry,” said Beth DeBussey, 58, who approached the clerk's counter with her partner Rosa Domenech, 60.

County Clerk Victor Salazar told the Fresno couple and other same-sex couples like them that Proposition 8 — passed by California voters in November 2008 and being challenged in federal court — defines marriage as solely between a man and a woman.

The same-sex couples and about 40 supporters said they want to keep the fight for equality in the public’s mind.

“I believe that civil rights are not something that should be taken away by a vote,” DeBussey said outside the Clerk’s Office.

Said Domenech, “We’re not going to stop. We’re going to press on.”

The Rev. Russell Noland of the Temple of St. Brigid’s Moon performed commitment ceremonies for the same-sex couples in front of the Clerk’s Office in downtown Fresno.

Meanwhile inside the Clerk’s Office, staffers and volunteers were busy marrying couples who chose to wed on Valentine’s Day.

About a half dozen relatives witnessed the marriage of Rachael Esquivel, 19, of Fresno and Marquis Lane, 21, of Oakland.

Lane said the couple chose Sunday to wed “so every Valentine’s Day we have together will be a special day.”

Some county employees volunteered their time and others swapped other days off to work Sunday so the Clerk’s Office could perform the weddings, Salazar said.

Source - The Fresno Bee<

PHOTO GALLERY: Freedom To Marry Day

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  • Published: Sunday, 14 February 2010 09:06
  • Written by Chris Jarvis

Photos from the FREEDOM TO MARRY DAY event at the Fresno County Clerk's Office on Sunday, February 14th, 2010. This is an annual event during which same sex couples request marriage licenses, and are rejected.













Free Speech In Question At University of Oregon

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  • Published: Thursday, 11 February 2010 07:58
  • Written by AP

EUGENE, Ore. (AP) -- The students stomped their feet, heckled and then stood and turned their backs as the speaker at the University of Oregon defended red-baiting Sen. Joseph McCarthy and called Martin Luther King Jr. a communist dupe.

With more than 30 security officers assigned to keep the peace, the 90-something patriarch of the group sat in a wheelchair next to the speaker, silently observing the spectacle while at times half-asleep.

A campus with a reputation for young, leftist radicals has been roiled in protest in recent weeks as the aging collection of extremists - deemed a hate group by those who track the issue - has intensified its message, including a Hitler salute at an event in December.

Some students say their speech has made the university a dangerous place and want them banned from campus. Administrators now find themselves trapped between the ideal of tolerance and the right to free speech, searching for a way to have both.

Read the rest of this story here... <

Valentine's Day - Sexiest Song According to Billboard

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  • Published: Thursday, 11 February 2010 07:53
  • Written by Chris Jarvis

ImageNEW YORK (AP) -- Just in time for Valentine's Day, Billboard has ranked the 50 sexiest songs by popularity - and Barry White didn't even make the list.

Instead, it's Olivia Newton-John who is tops - her hit "Physical" is No. 1, followed by Rod Stewart's "Tonight's the Night (Gonna Be Alright)."

Rounding out the top five: Boyz II Men's ballad "I'll Make Love to You," Next's "Too Close" and Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get it On." (Gaye's "Sexual Healing" is No. 35)

It's not until No. 10 - Stewart's "Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?" - that sex is mentioned in any song title.

Billboard's list, released Thursday, is based on the popularity of songs from 1958 until early January of this year. 



Peter Robertson To Speak At PFLAG Meeting This Weekend

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  • Published: Thursday, 11 February 2010 07:45
  • Written by Chris Jarvis

ImageFrom Peter Robertson...

"Kathy Ward, co-founder ofPFLAG Fresno, has invited me to be the guest speaker onValentine's Day to share my personal coming-out story with them. (Sun. Feb. 14th @ 2pm, Wesley United Methodist Church).

This is something that I haven't thought about too much, lately. But, back in the day I was pretty active with the GLBTQ guest speaking circuit with other Fresno State students: Durk Hubel, Angela Welton, Jeff Robinson, Matt Cunningham, Leslie Basden, Barbara Cooper and Shelby Stark. Oh! Stephen Ortega, too!

For nearly the past 20 years, I've had the honor of serving as an MC for Fresno's Pride Parade. Each and every year, the one group that consistently brings a tear to my eye is PFLAG Fresno.

Yes, PFLAG Fresno is truely "Moving equality forward" for all of us.


VIDEO: "The Homosexuals" - A TV Broadcast From 1967

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  • Published: Wednesday, 10 February 2010 06:13
  • Written by Chris Jarvis

Get ready for your mouth to drop open. Not for all of us. Some of us remember when the world was like this. Some of us remember it like it was yesterday. Younger people may look at this in an almost campy way, finding it hard to take seriously. But this is exactly what the world was like in 1967, years before the American Psychological Association officially declared that homosexuality was not a mental illness. Put this into perspective. This was only 40 years ago. So to all those activists who still believe we can talk our way out of this equal rights mess, I hope you take that into consideration. The prejudice against homosexuals plays on a very deep level in much of the country.  

In 1967 there were only 3 networks. No cable. No Dish. No remote controls. And not a lot of color. TV broadcasts ended at the same time each night, around midnight, when the screens would switch to static, after a momentary patriotic send off.  The Homosexuals first aired on Tuesday, March 7, 1967, at 10 p.m. Mike Wallace hosted and Gore Vidal appears to tell it like it is.

Some "facts" pointed out in this piece...

“They frequent their own bars... where they can act out…”
“The average homosexual isn’t capable of love.”
“Homosexuality is, in fact, a mental illness.”
“The church has a great deal of sympathy for those who are handicapped in this way.”
“[Being a homosexual] automatically rules out that [the man in question] will remain happy.”

Take a look. Our history is fascinating. It runs about 45 minutes, but don't let that stop you.

AUDIO: Michelangelo Signorile & Barney Frank

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  • Published: Tuesday, 09 February 2010 09:45
  • Written by Chris Jarvis

Michelangelo Signorile is annoying. If you've listened to his radio show at all, you're likely nodding right about now. He talks far too slowly, takes too long to get to the point, has trouble phrasing his thoughts cohesively and lately has been far too pleased with his own words. The worst thing though, is that he repeats himself over and over. Over and over. He repeats himself over and over.

I realize it must be difficult to fill several hours 5 days a week with content, but that is the job description. Maybe he should TAKE MORE CALLS! So often when I listen to his show I get the distinct feeling that he's caught up in the love he feels for the words he's so clumsily crafted. I think he's not taking calls because it will interrupt the flow of his thought process. Not good for a talk show host.

Still, I enjoy his show, mostly for the topics rather than him, but I do have to regulate him now, turning him off every few minutes to take a breather. Anytime he gets together with Barney Frank, however, I stay tuned. I found these two snippets from one of his latest chats with Frank online - Frank is at his most belligerent and surprisingly, Signorile is forced to concede on more than one occasion.  That's not the most common things to happen to Signorile during his shows. He made a shift late last year and joined the "bash Obama for all our troubles" bandwagon, changing his common sense sort of delivery to a more brusque, self reliant sense of right and wrong. Considering the wrath that's been hurled at Barney Frank since he made comments about the National March last year, it's refreshing to listen to him stand his ground and especially to hear Signorile chuckle slightly when he's forced to concede to the logic and reason of Frank's dialogue.  

So Signorile has fallen onto the path that seems to be quite popular with a lot of LGBT Americans and especially activists, at our current point in the struggle. Blame Obama for everything and demand he come out screaming until everyone lies in his wake and is forced to comply with his every demand. The first, of course, being to overturn every wrong that is not levied against all LGBT Americans. Forget the truth, which is that the President doesn't exactly have that kind of power, and if he did, Congress still has power to reign him in. Forget the way the government works, the way the system works and the majority of Americans who still oppose our equal rights. Forget all that and do one thing and one thing only. Blame Obama for everything.

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This latest tactic, which is nothing more than that, nothing more than a decided point of contention for the "LGBT Group" to latch onto and spread like wildfire, is poorly thought out, poorly strategized and tragically executed. Of course Obama isn't to blame for our lack of rights, and of course he can't just wave a magic wand. Is it going slower than we all expected, given Obama's words during the campaign? Of course. To say that translates to "blame Obama for everything" however, shows how little this movement is willing to follow the path that might work, as opposed to the path their egos have decided will make things easier.

Barney Frank is the other fascinating piece of this conversation. Seems you either love him or hate him. That's not a new thing, actually. Frank has been delivering his take no prisoners and tell it like it is speech long before the last couple of years. He's abrupt, cocky and dismissive. For many, many years he's been both hailed and condemned. Anyone listening to Frank has no choice but to admit that his sort of delivery is rare among politicians. Agree or not, you don't often hear the kind of blunt honesty that Frank continues to provide.

But Frank made some comments last year about the National March and a portion of the LGBT community, mostly activists, and mostly those who live, breathe and operate through their life sustaining yet brief postings on Twitter or Facebook, chose to do what they do best, to form instantaneous opinions about a person then spread it passionately, as if they'd actually taken time to reach a conclusion about the pieces of the facts at hand. Take the time to consider the context? Listen to the whole interview? Think about the circumstances in which the words were spoken? Consider whether it's relevant, personal or important? No, no, no, no, no and no. Just decide whether the person making the statement should be labeled good or evil based on one factor and one factor only, which one is more beneficial politically to whatever organized group you might be involved with. And so it has been with Frank and a vocal portion of the LGBT community ever since.

In the noted audio pieces, Frank once again shouts about what so many LGBT Americans and activists have decided they don't want to hear... which tactics work best to move equal rights forward. Frank has remained consistent in his advice to LGBT Americans. Lobby. Lobbyists are very influential in Congress and successful at getting any number of items through which will benefit their particular interest.

Of course lobbying for us can prove difficult, given our relatively small numbers. Still, if that's the way it works in Washington, to form a strong lobby that works daily to nudge Congress in the right direction, why aren't all these groups who spend endless upon endless months "brainstorming" what to do next...why aren't they coming up with this option as a choice? If the past is any indication, the last thing we need is more brainstorming only to come up with another weak, easy to pull off approach.

The recent call for LGBT Americans to boycott donations to politicians, particularly the Democratic party, at least until we get our way, seems to be another tactic not very well thought through. After all, at this point it's fairly difficult to deny that money is the primary motivator for politicians. So at a time when we're not only losing up and running campaigns but also watching successful rights efforts later stripped away by voters, it seems a bit confusing to suggest that we remove ourselves from the way the game is played for virtually all other interests in this country. How about instead of boycotting money for Washington, we start to funnel the millions of dollars being spent for rallies and marches and boycotts into Washington, in a calculated, planned attack on Congress through strong lobbying?

Barney and others really do speak the truth when they say a large portion of LGBT Americans have now decided to sit in the corner like spoiled children until they get their way, which of course makes no sense historically in a civil rights battle.


VIDEO: CBS 47 - FCC Teacher Under Fire

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for more information.<

VIDEO: DADT Hearings - McCain Is Still An Idiot

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  • Published: Tuesday, 02 February 2010 06:22
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Freedom To Marry Day

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  • Published: Monday, 01 February 2010 14:21
  • Written by Jason Scott


 Freedom to Marry Event - Feb 14 - 1pm - Fresno County Clerks Office

Unmarried same-sex couples who wish to marry AND married same-sex and opposite sex couples AND all those who support them are invited to attend!

This is an annual, National event happening in cities across the nation during Freedom to Marry Week!

What will happen:
We'll go in to the County Clerk's office at 1pm and unmarried same-sex couples will ask for a marriage license. The media will be present to document their experience as they are denied the fundamental right to marry. Supporters will cheer on those who want to marry! Also, some time will be set aside to view a photo presentation of couples who married in 2008 and to hold signs for the cause.

Please keep in mind that only unmarried couples will be able to request a marriage license, but married LGBTQI couples wanting to cheer on their friends and take a stand on this important issue are DEFINITELY ENCOURAGED TO COME!

Your attendance is greatly needed to show this issue is still important to our community. Especially with the court ruling coming down shortly.

To RSVP contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (559) 862-4559


VIDEO: Prop 8 Trial Re-enactment, Day 1 Chapter 1

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Day 1 Chapter 1 of the Proposition 8 Trial Re-enactment presented by Opening statements begin at min. 15:02. Produced by John Ainsworth & John Ireland. Copyright John Ireland Productions, LLC.

Fewer troops fired in 2009 for being openly gay

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  • Written by By ANNE FLAHERTY Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Defense Department last year dismissed the fewest number of service members for violating its "don't ask, don't tell policy" than it had in more than a decade.

The 2009 figure, a sharp decline from the previous year, comes from President Barack Obama's first year in office. He opposes the policy but has done little to reverse it.

The lower number continues a trend since 2001 in which fewer troops have been dismissed as the services struggle to fight two wars.

According to figures released by the Pentagon on Monday, 428 service members in 2009 were fired for being openly gay compared to 619 in 2008. In 1997, 997 service members were dismissed.

Overall, more than 10,900 troops have been fired under the policy.

Associated Press Wri